commercial rent distraint

Commercial Rent Recovery

Empowering the Nations Commercial Landlords

Commercial Landlords do not need a Court Order to secure/seize goods. Under common law a Landlord is able to instruct a Certificated Bailiff to enter the premises by way of peaceably entry and 'distrain' upon goods within i.e. legal seize the goods to enforce payment.

This remedy is very fast and effective and focuses on your tenant's obligation to pay. In the majority of cases the simple action of attending will be enough to prompt payment from your tenant; It is only on rare occasions that goods are actually removed.

We use only the country's leading Certificated Bailiffs to ensure that maximum results are achieved for our clients. We operate anywhere across England & Wales and execute many instructions with immediate effect and very often on the same day.

All monies collected are transferred within 5 working days.

There is a nominal £50 + VAT administration charge for this service and the debtor pays the rest of our agents fees.

For further information about our Commercial Rent Recovery service, please complete the enquiry form or call us directly.